Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Dec 18

Magda Boulet just won the 270km desert ultramarathon in Dubai, shutting down Morocco’s recent string of ultra victories. Nice work Magda!

Mario’s Morning Shakeout for this week: Marathon training, Kipchoge, and guests.

As Rickey finishes his San Francisco Every Street project, here’s a piece on running in the big city on the other side of the country.

Science: Cigarette smoking used effectively as training tool for high performance endurance training.*

…and, ahem, stop using science to validate your beliefs.

Patsy Ramirez Arroyo ultramarathon finish

Didya check out our latest episode? Sarah and I had a great talk with Patsy Ramirez-Arroyo about the ultramarathon scene on Puerto Rico and how Hurricane Maria destroyed nearly everything. Patsy used running to get around her city and help family and friends, then transitioned that training to a hundred miler PR and a fifth place at Badwater. But then, a lump in her breast…

Hutch digs in: Was is the training, or was it the shoes?

The shoes aren’t gonna do a thing if you don’t have grit. How exactly do we improve and increase ours?

Considered one of the toughest trails in the UK, Beth and Damian made it even more difficult by completing it in the winter with poor conditions and minimal daylight hours. Still, the crushed the FKT by three days.

She was on a training run when she got stung by 500 bees. Reminds me of a race I did years ago. It was a trail 10 miler that ran alongside pear orchards and at the start, the RD announced that it was pollinating season and that there were a few dozen boxes of bees directly on the path. I was in the front pack and we heard the buzz from a ways away. I held my breath and ran through the swarm, swatting at imaginary bees for the rest of the race. Ended up being fine but it was a pretty weird obstacle.

Later today: I’ll post a list of names that will determine which women will appear on an updated rabbit shirt.

*the abstract though. Read it.

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