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Kudos to Canyons 100k Endurance Run for clearly stating their drug policy for all to see.  If you haven’t read my post on this, here it is.  And if you’re looking for a tough race (or the best prep available for Western States), definitely check out the race. This year’s winners were Rob Krar and Magdalena Boulet.

Rob climbing out of Devil's Thumb. Canyons 100k 2015.
Rob climbing out of Devil’s Thumb. Canyons 100k 2015.

If you’re worried about pushing too hard, you also need to be weary of backing off too much.

Didya catch the latest episode with Karl, Sarah, and myself? We talk about standout performances from 2015, surprises, trends, and influential companies and try to guess what the sport of ultrarunning will look like next year. Sponsored by destinationtrailrun.com with some awesome outro music by Matt Flaherty.

Jeff’s run a bunch of ultramarathons, but this was only his second marathon, and it was on trail.  He won it in 2:50! Great story Jeff!

When I think of running in Ireland, this is pretty much what pops into my mind.  Here, Guillaume takes us on an adventure on the Cliffs of Moher.

The most underrated “talent” of (ultra)distance running success is durability.  Here’s how to improve that.

In response to the PED issues, this site has popped up with “pledges” from elite runners to stay clean.  It’s a great idea and it’s showing how elites feel about the situation–which is great–but in my opinion it’s putting too much faith in IAAF and hinging on WADA’s list, which I find to be not appropriate for our sport.

…because one thing is for sure: We need to stay the hell away from the IAAF.

Why we can stop doing sit ups. Whew!

A well-reasoned and thorough explanation of Gordy’s Western States predicament.  I hope this issue is over.

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