Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Dec 29

Outside: Hutch digs into the physiology and efficiency of “running” uphill vs hiking/walking. Good stuff.

Four friends retrace the final 90 miles of the infamous Donner Party route. Nice job everyone!

Adventure Journal: What happens when you set up a giant wooden xylophone in the forest that plays Bach with a gravity-fed golf ball? Absolute bliss.

Top 10 beers list of 2020. Awful list. WTF? I understand it’s based on “check-ins” but come on.

Canadian Running: Competitor tests positive for La Rona after the Marathon Project.

SCMP: Top ten outdoor/endurance stories from this crazy year. Both good and bad represented. Can you guess the top story of the year?

We’ve been going bonkers watching this new YouTube channel of this woman (girl?) who builds incredible homes with her hands and two rudimentary tools. Her endurance and strength are incredible! Prepare to feel wholly inadequate and weak.

TrailSisters: How to be a good running partner. Especially important for those of us putting in multiple hours with each other on the trails.

BBC: I’ve been pretty outspoken about how I want society, schools, and businesses to open up immediately while protecting the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. That’s my position on races too. But…If you advertise that the half marathon you’re directing will have staggered starts (and uses chip timing!), then you have one big ass mass start, you’re kind of a deceitful jerk.

How much should endurance athletes sleep? I usually go down between 9-10pm and get up at 3am. No alarm clock, that’s just been my body’s schedule for a few decades now. You?

Jacob Puzey’s book recommendations for the year.

ultrarunning magazine: The Stinger 6/12/24 timed track event in Georgia saw Jacob Moss put up an impressive 159 miles, earning him a spot on the ’21 US team. Full results in the link.

Can running and running goals save your life? Watch this incredible video about a man given a death sentence with cancer and decide for yourself. Might want some tissues at the ready.

I’ve been a big fan of non-alcoholic beers and have shared my thoughts over the past (exactly) three years. Here’s another…if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic gin, keep looking. Ritual is a “gin alternative” and tastes like potpourri with no gin burn whatsoever. Not sure who approved that stuff. Yuck.

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