Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Dec 29

My apologies for the short hiatus. Holidays and home renovation has eaten up every second of my time.  Ultramarathon News continues…

Pam Smith is one of my favorite people in our sport because of her honesty and snark. Definitely read this “year in review.”

The BAA visits Mammoth Mountain for some high altitude training. I loooove me some Mammoth.

This Maine town was struggling financially, and a bunch of runners showed up to help.  Here’s our interview with Gary Allen from a few years ago.

And if you’d like to escape to the Cayman Islands and take on some rad endurance events, here’s a good starter list.

A zen look at the calming–and flaming–nature of ultrarunning.

Here’s the first-person account of Lance’s race at Woodside.  Whether or not we agree with outcome, it’s some honest and open insight from Scott Dunlap.

….and here’s Jean’s opinion on getting drugs out of the sport.

Triathlon is dealing with amateur PED use this way, but they’ve got a corporation that’s flush with money to finance it all.

Let’s not just talk and write about it…we need to do something.

If you’re a cyclist on Strava, be aware of your privacy settings.

How was your year of adventure running? Mine paled in comparison to Skurka’s.

I had an invite to head down to Chile this year for a trail race. Seriously bummed I missed it.

Dylan Bowman and Katalin Nagy named #5 UROY for 2015. And in cool news, Sarah and I were both asked to vote for the annual awards starting next year.

Here’s a live feed for Across the Years going on right now, and below is a cheat sheet on what’s going on.  Not all runners listed, just random notes, and possible riddled with mistakes. Thanks to Paul for the help.

New pack review coming today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!

6 Day

  • David Johnston, multiple winner and CR holder for the Iditarod 350. He ran 551mi at ATY last year.
  • Greg Salvesen, sole finisher of Infinitus 888K this past Spring in VT.  He ran an absurd number of 100s in the last 2 years. Infinitus was altogether another adventure, but still had him on his feet for 8.5 days. He prepared well for it, takes care of the little things, and comes in with a plan. It’s his first 6 day.  He did say that his sole 48 hr was harder than he anticipated (185mi)
  • Josh Irvan. 29X at 3 Days at the Fair 72 hr in the spring. He’s been focused on this event for a while, and it ain’t his first 144hr rodeo. Will probably run 450+.
  • Sue Scholl. 437 last year
  • Ed ‘Jester’ Ettinghausen. We’ll see how his shakeout at DS worked out.
  • George Biondic. look for some age group numbers. Unflappable for the duration of Sri Chimnoy 10 day. Barely even looked up. was very disciplined
  • Bill Schultz is collecting some lifetime ATY miles then crewing.

72 hr

  • Carilyn Johnson. Ran an easy 200 last year on the course
  • Dave Proctor. 14:21 100mi at DS last year.
  • Cory Reese (very durable. ran a 100 every month last year)
  • Jordan Wirfs-Brock. She’s run 175 in 48hrs
  • Bull Dozier. On his quest to collect another 200mi

48 hr

  • Deb Horn
  • Kelly Agnew – ran 202 last year in the 48

24 hr

  • Mike Bialick – recently ran a 12:52 at Tunnel Hill 100, though in 2 other 24 hr attempts couldn’t quite get very far.
  • Rebecca Schwartz – She recently ran her first 12 hour at NJ One Day (68mi).
  • Sonya Decker ran 118 at FANS 24hr in 2014
  • Sung Ho Choi – long resume including a recent 33hr Spartathlon finish.



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