Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Dec 3

Podium Runner: Will EcoTrail revolutionize trail running in the States as it has in other countries? I love the idea, but skeptical that a foreign company will be able to navigate the byzantine permitting process found in many of our large cities and parks.
Further questions: Will they buy up existing event companies to ease this process or will these be all new courses? Any input from Europeans who’ve run these?

WIRED: Stop obsessing over sleep. Your brain will thank you.

IRF: How to use aid stations efficiently. Good article by Alex Nichols about planning your time and nutrition beforehand. Someone gave me this advice before my first hundred and I’ve passed it along dozens of times: Go work as many aid stations as you can and watch how people come in and out. Are they organized? Distracted? What do they do that works well? What do you see people do that you want to avoid?

We had Amy Puzey on the show earlier this year to talk about running, parenting, and what happens when all your training and focus goes into one race…that then blows up in your face. Somehow Amy also found the time to start a company and she launched her first product yesterday…it’s a nutritional enzyme that helps the body absorb micronutrients. Check it out here. (NFI)

Grayson Murphy

Didya catch our latest interview with World Mountain Running Champ Grayson Murphy? Though she still hasn’t gone past 26.2, she’s got all the factors in line to be a factor at any starting line. We talk about body image issues, being a twin, music, and what she’s found in the trail scene that was lacking in road running.

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Quillette: A fictitious speech given in 2091 about the first sub 1:50 marathon.

CTS: How to get through holiday season without going crazy or losing all your fitness.

I am not always confident that the time I have devoted to training these past few years is worth the sacrifices (sleep, time spent with loved ones, opportunity to pursue other passions like reading and writing). On the other hand, if it continues to hand me experiences like this one, provide lessons that spill over into the rest of my life, and connect me to all the people I’ve mentioned in this blog post + hundreds more I have met through this sport over the years, it’s hard to put a price tag on that.

Yitka Winn: She’s one of my favorite writers, and her recent post about how she allocates her time is really something I can relate to right now.

Redbull: Eight facts about blind ultramarathon runner Simon Wheatcroft.

Japan Running News: Looks like they’ve figured out a course and date for the 2020 Olympic Marathon and race walks. And yes, there’s still a 50k race walk in the Olympics.

Adventure Journal: The article focuses on the unwelcoming attitude of the surfing community (I grew up surfing and bodyboarding and agree 100%) and how lucky the mountain bike community has it. I’d add the trail running community to that list of activities that have open arms to newbies.

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