Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, Dec 6

Do you like to golf? Do you like to run? Time for the Speedgolf Championships. If I recall correctly, the Speedgoat Karl Meltzer competed at a resonably high level a few years ago. Anyone know if he’s still at it?

Lottery results for Hardrock and Western States. I’m hoping that Darcy and Sabrina make it through the Hardrock waitlist!

This post about a grassroots event being cancelled due to equity concerns is a pretty good example of Poe’s Law.

Why do these people run for 24hrs in a track basement in Norway, and why did this guy run an ultramarathon around a traffic roundabout in California?

Did anyone else watch the boys race at NXN on Saturday and get Coconino Cowboy vibes with Aaron Sahlman playing the role of Jared Hazen?

My hot take for the week:

A hearty and belated birthday to one of the true trailblazers in our sport, Helen Klein. Helen turned 100 (!) last week and has a long history of road and ultramarathon results and records. Fun fact: Her eponymous race (Helen Klein 50 Miler) was my first 50 back in 2007. Here’s a Scott Dunlap post from back in the day.

VeLoyce has had his hands on more elite ultramarathon runners than anyone in the country. Here’s our chat with him from 2012.

Following this:USATF changes criteria for 50k World Teams selection three months before window closes. Haven’t read the whole thread and I’d like to hear both sides. Please see Devon’s clarifying note in the comments section.

Running the new UTMB course in the Pyrenees looks sublime. 

In an attempt to save time, money, and energy, Kipchoge named winner of ’23 Boston Marathon.

Dude gets lost in the mountains near Southern California and survives on half a jar of America’s favorite condiment.

No ultra content whatsoever, but today I learned that there’s a shoe exchange so amputees don’t get stuck paying for two shoes.

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