Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Feb 11

NYT: Jim Walmsley gets some solid press while also introducing readers to the world of ultramarathons. Go get it, Jim!

Outside: Altra signing two pregnant athletes–non contingent with performance goals–is a very big deal that makes total sense. Consumers buy into a brand in which they feel a connection, and there’s not many things powerful than the bond of motherhood. Well done all around.

Uncle Larry writes about volunteering at Sean O’Brien. Very funny comment about the Salomon bottles…totally agree!

Much like I don’t think “despotic regime” has any place in a course description, having an ultramarathon under Sharia law doesn’t sound like a great idea either. Get hot and roll up your sleeves ladies? That’s a flogging.

Advice: Looking for a treadmill for under my standing desk. But…it’s gotta be no more than 3′ long. I’ve found them just over two feet, but that stride length would kill my long legs, and I’ve seen many at 4-5′. Any advice? Looking to spend no more than $400. Thanks.

Owls, moose, and coyotes are common on his Colorado trails. We’ve got coyotes and the occasional bobcat along the river, then cougars and bears in the Sierra. Seen anything cool?

Treeline Journal: Nikki signs up–with some hesitation–for a 100k in the Alps. Anxious to follow her journey on what sounds like a fun summer.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Couldn’t agree more about the Erin Gregoire debacle. USATF, get your sh*t together, alright?

Pickle flavored Vodka. My college self just threw up a little.

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