Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Feb 13

If you haven’t read this piece by Davy Crockett about the history of cheating in ultramarathon events, be sure to check it out. Cheating exists on many levels and is nothing new to this sport. (Here’s our podcast with Davy from 2013.)

Excellent advice from David Laney on planning for success in 2018. Look back, analyze your results and training from last year, and don’t make the same mistakes again. Simple, right?

I know plenty of runners spending time crosstraining right now…check out this link for what not to do on your road back to recovery.

Mario digs into the myriad Nike-affiliated conflicts of interest, the art of interviewing, and he highlights the Robertson brothers’ Kenyan experiment. Here’s the latest edition of his Morning Shakeout.

NFI: Kudos to Rudy Project for making glasses that fit a guy with a massive head. I’ve worn RP’s for years and yet to have a pair stretch out on me.

Semi-Rad’s Brandon Leonard makes a short film about training for and running a hundred miler. Definitely check it out.

This sport has a way of humbling you: Here’s the story of the only finisher for the Yukon Arctic Ultra 300. Kinda puts your last finish in perspective?

Seems the flu has hit my house during not just Valentine’s Day week, but both my wife and my birthday week as well. Yay! I’ll keep this short. (Bonus: Being bedridden when the Olympics are playing is pretty great though.)

Speaking of V-Day, here’s AJW’s advice for maintaining a healthy relationship while training and racing these silly distances.

And here’s a piece by Sarah I always liked: Comparing the ups and downs of training and trail running to marriage. If there’s one thing that’s constant in this sport, it’s having the support of family.

Oh, let’s not make backwards running the next big thing, OK?

You in New England and looking for an inexpensive June 100 miler run by experience folks? Clicky here.

A pretty epic 1200 mile run/hike idea with the requisite list of obstacles.

CTRL-C: Joe Uhan’s workout tips for this summer’s major ultramarathons.

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