Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Feb 15

Getting ready for your first trail race, or maybe it’s been awhile? Here’s everything you need to know.

Tuesday Funny: Trail running physician advises terminally ill patient to just “rub some dirt on it.”

Science: Will cushy shoes wreck your form?

Compared to males, females also show greater proportional area of type I fibres, are more able to use fatty acids and preserve carbohydrates during prolonged exercise, demonstrate a more even pacing strategy and less fatigue following endurance running exercise. These differences confer an advantage to females in ultra-endurance performance, but other factors (e.g. lower O2 carrying capacity, greater body fat percentage) counterbalance these potential advantages, making females outperforming males a rare exception.

–More science: The sex differences between men and women are prevalent in endurance running.

Looking for a sweet outdoor job this spring/summer? Skurka is hiring.

iRunFar/Malcolm: When is it too cold to run outside? (It’s low to mid 70s in Northern California right now…)

Run Spirited: Henry chats with Adam Merry, a football player turned MUT runner who’s finding success and a welcoming community on the trails.

Ultrarunning Magazine: Sullivan Summer sounds like a pretty interesting person. I’d love to hear more of her story on a podcast or long form interview.

as does Olympic speedskater slash ultramarathon runner Nils van der Poel. 

Editor in Chief of Swimming World Magazine comes out strong against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas and accuses the Ivy League and Penn of betraying all the other female swimmers while supporting just one. He also makes the case that opposing a biological male’s inclusion in women’s categories is not transphobic, but an attempt at fairness. Why can the swimming media see this clearly but our sport still hides behind the anti-scientific and anti-woman curtain of wokeness and inclusion?

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