Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Feb 16

We seem to be in a new era of ultramarathon media with Araivapa Running’s incredible coverage of the Black Canyon 100k over the weekend. Not sure how it can scale or transfer to other less tech savvy RDs, but daaaaang, Jamil and crew did a superb job. Catch all ten hours right here.

If you weren’t watching the live shots, Chase over at Treeline Journal did a great job with play by plays of both the mens and womens races. Nice to have some racing back! Here’s Chase’s recap of the event.

Canadian Running: Why do runners get night sweats?

Rugged Running: Do you focus on a self care regiment? Are you taking care of yourself on the daily? It’s not hard to implement some of these habits into your daily routine and pay off can be profound.

RunSpirited: We chatted with the incredible Pam Reed last year about her enduring ultramarathon career, race directing, and more. Here’s a new interview with her, courtesy of Henry Howard where she discusses her incredible hundredth hundred miler.

URP Daily News from my 41st birthday: Schlarb, beer, millennials, PEDs, dogs, and DNFs.

It’s just my opinion, man: Anyone who orders a Mango Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie Sour Ale deserves to have the can explode in their damn face. Honestly, people. Come. On.

Independent UK: Maybe I’m totally out of the loop with e “sports”, but I still can’t figure out why Garmin has made a smart watch for this group. Just for the HRM?

A sudden searing pain in your knee might signal a torn ligament and require surgery and rest. But pain experts say that this understanding of pain, as a sign of physical damage, is woefully incomplete.

More on the science of pain and how the solution/cure may be neurological. Very interesting read.

I made a funny (and, ahem, likely accurate) tweet last week and many on Twitter showed their inability to see levity in any situation. Kevin Beck wrote about it right here.

SCMP: Hong Kong 4 Trails was this weekend and for the first time in history, a runner broke the 50 hour mark. Interesting read about how Leung’s finish compared with 2nd place finisher Salomon Wettstein’s. Leung went out to have fun and hoped to break 55 hours, while Wettstein planned every centimeter of the 298km course and approached his race with a drastically different mindset.

Lake Sonoma 50 pushed back to September and Broken Arrow postponed until October.

Science: Even in a high contact sport like rugby, outdoor transmission is rare and “Positive cases were most likely traced to social interactions, car sharing and wider community transmission and not linked to in-match transmission.”

Mario covered a lot of shorter distance news in this week’s Morning Shakeout.

ultrarunning Magazine: If there’s no race, do it yourself. More on the “Fort Ortitude” 100 miler in California.

Ruth Kroft wins Tarawera outright, beating the first fella by 18 minutes and the 2nd female by an hour.

Fox News: Is spending two hours outdoors each day the new “ten thousand steps”?

I’ve spoken at length about my disdain and dislike for snow skiing. It includes everything I dislike about life: Cold weather, inflated costs, long lines, lame people, and more often than not, injuries. Happy to say we went up to Tahoe on Friday and had a great time. It was my first time on skis since I was 21 (today’s my 46th bday for reference) and Sam hadn’t skid since she was a teenager. This was the first time for the kids. Everyone did well, we stayed warm, the lines were Covid-short, and no one was injured. We won’t be regular skiers, but hell yeah, we had a blast and I was happy to be wrong all those years.


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