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Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Good read: Phoebe writes about focusing on the main things, while it’s the little things that can screw us up.  Is it magnetized for?

This should be a good series: Watching Meb (at 40!) prepare for the Olympic Trials.  Looks like lots of altitude and trails.

Too geeky for me, but here Ian teaches us how to break down our splits and dietary needs for our next ultramarathon.

There does seem to be a greater variety of women-specific running gear than there was just a few years ago.

It’s Tuesday, which means Guillaume sent me an awesome trail video from some exotic locale. This week, a lovely balcony trail above Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Italian Dolomites.

Busy this Saturday? I’m running an aid station at Ordinance 100k in Salinas.  It’ll be nice weather, we’ll have great beer, and a few special former URP guests are running the race. I”ll be camping there Fri night and hope to get some sort of run in that day. Let me know if you can join me!  Volunteers earn free race entries, ya know…

Use these and take it easy on yourself: Four judgement-free workouts that’ll make you faster on the trails.

There’s a new gel on the market. Anyone tried it?  Good for marathons or ultramarathons?

Quick catch-up with Samantha Gash as she prepares for another monster run.

Trail running on Easter Island means wearing a loincloth, strapping 20 pounds of bananas to your back, and performing for the “Festival Queen.” Sign me up.

Science: How exercise helps our memory.  I’m the anomaly I guess, as I’ve got the worst memory in the world.

This short post on getting credit for winning strikes a nerve. A few years ago I won my first ten miler. Small, farm town race on dirt roads, but dangit, I broke the tape and it was awesome.  As I was heading back to my car, the RD and another competitor approached me and told me that this other runner had started ten minutes late, but that his chip time bested mine.  I told him that was bulls#it and kept walking to the car with my trophy. Still bugs me to this day.

Tuesday funny: Health Dept urging Americans to do something, anything at all for Christ’s sake, for just 30 minutes a day.

Sure it’d be fun to have, but that’s a lot of money for not much beer.

Going back for round two of Graston and ART today.

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