Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Feb 21

Justin from iRunFar broke down the results from this past weekend’s ultramarathon and trail races. Results and pics here.  Hot takes:

  • I was keeping an eye on Anthony Costales and Ailsa Macdonald at Black Canyon and Anthony killed the course record.
  • FOURmidable 50k (which helps determine the USATF MUT team) was held in Cool, California with considerably less attention, media, or field depth. I know calendars are tight, but I really wish RDs planned out race dates better with less overlap.
  • Camille Herron set a new AG WR in South Carolina.  ICYMI, Camille announced last week that she has signed a sponsorship contract with Lulu Lemon.

FreeTrail recaps the Black Canyon showdown right here.

Jared Beasley reports on a fascinating tale of a father/son traverse on the Appalachian Trail.  This hits home with me, considering what we went through with my dad last year.

There’s a new women’s 48 hour World Record (255 miles!), and it was set with the previous record holders present. Nice!

Distance running’s central gift is that as humans we possess a well of ability that we physically cannot or logistically will never reveal the full depth of. As aspiring racers, we’ve witnessed the benefits of increased workload, which leaves us simultaneously inspired and haunted by the constant whisper for more. The dream of arriving on race day with newfound strength gleaned from extra hours of running leaves us always wondering, what if I ran even more?

In a sport meant to explore the wonder of our body’s ability balanced with the frustration of its limits, why do other athletes’ training totals cut to the core of our insecurity? Maybe it’s because these athletes, the ones we’re so quick to deem “insane,” make us wonder if we’re not insane enough.

Peter Bromka writes about how we perceive “too much” and “insane” training mileage. Compelling read.

Not sure all that went on here, but Greg from PCTR (California-based trail race company…also the group that organized the first trail race I ever competed in) sends out an apology and explanation of what’s been going on, along with some ideas for the future of the race calendar.  Towards the bottom, the Karnazes/coyote incident is mentioned as the reason nighttime trail races will no longer be permitted in the Marin Headlands. Greg’s a great guy and I’m hoping for the best.

Steepler Colleen Quigley wins her first triathlon.

Biel Rafols captures some super technical–and steep!–trail racing in Spain. Far too technical for my vision and if the descents resemble the ascents in any way, there’s 100% chance I’d wipe out going down.

The rumors on Reddit are that The North Face has discontinued the Better Than Naked shirt. Better get ’em while you can.

Trailrunner Mag: How to navigate training, love and life when your significant other isn’t a runner.

Weekly running humor from Mark Remy. Yep, this one’s definitely based on reality.

Candice update: Day 108.

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