Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Feb 21

Tuesday Snark: Ten secrets to becoming a modern ultramarathon runner.

I shared this yesterday on social, and I’m doing it again because it’s so important.  Having the right crew is vital, but ultimately it’s all up to you.  Read Sarah’s piece right this way.

Did you see our review of the Camelback Ultra Pro vest? Not sure about soft flasks up front? Too small for a 100? Does it bounce? Enough room for an adventure run? Read what Jade thought right here.

Speaking of reviews, Brad checks out the Lululemon running shorts (for fellas) right this way.  He’s promised to review yoga pants next.

GoPro held a contest for MTBers to submit their best line for 2016. Here’s the winner from an incredibly lush and beautiful trail in BC.

Have 3-4 minutes to take a poll for my buddy? He’s designing a pack/light and needs some input.  And hey, you might just win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Lots of videos today: An oldie but goodie about how ultrarunning helps strip away our emotional barriers. Great words, and relatable images.

There’s a series of races across the country (no CA?) aimed at bringing back the mile.  Yeah, yeah, the rest of the world is on metric, but dangit, leave the mile alone. Should we get rid of the 100 mile too?

Round 3: Wearable gizmos don’t seem to make you more fit.  Read the comment section, too.

I’ve got to read this again, but yes, from my initial perusal, it’s a common problem with group running. If you’ve in a specialized training block or looking to run a specific workout, running with a group may not be the best option.  Or heck, jump in with the faster group and get a great tempo run in.

Stay tuned for a new review of the North Face Enrudus TR. That’s the maxi trail shoe designed by Dylan Bowman, and it looks like a blast.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been digging  Ben’s review style.

Here’s a cool video of what the Grancanaria trails and race is all about.  

An exhaustive (and updated) look at running economy.

ultramarathon women rabbit

Have you got your awesome trail chicks shirt from rabbit yet? Very limited, very exclusive pre-orders right this way. (Ahem, great gift ideas for the ladies, too.)

Not very common for someone to lead a men’s championship XC race wire to wire, and Wesley Korir made sure that didn’t happen in Edinburgh two weeks ago.  Such a great video of two guys pushing as hard as they could.  Still waiting to see Hawkin’s HR data from that final k.

Personal note: I’ve been on the garage bike for almost a week now, and what do I notice the most? My cadence/RPMs don’t sync up with my iTunes, and it doesn’t bother me. When I’m running, that drives me nuts.  A bit of OCD there?  Is anyone else bothered by that?

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