Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Feb 27

Why don’t Kenyans run ultramarathon distances? Yeah, yeah, I know they do at Comrades, but in this piece by Adharanand Finn, he examines some cultural explanations why we don’t see more toe the line. I’ll be interviewing Adharanand today and we’ll be discussing the running and ultra scenes in Japan, Kenya, and the US. Stay tuned.

Mario digs into the “best day in Japanese running” even more in his latest Morning Shakeout.

Here’s a video of Dylan Bowman’s run at Tarawera. Looks like a great day!

Way Too Cool 50k is this weekend, and like last year, it’s gonna be sloppy! We’re expected to see a large rainfall Wed and Thurs with possible snowfalls in the area. Men’s field is a lot stronger than the women’s, but there’s always surprises at this NorCal classic.

Four lessons trail runners can learn from the Winter Olympics.

Ailsa MacDonald ultramarathon

Did ya check out our latest interview with surprise Golden Ticket winner Ailsa MacDonald? Next race, be sure to consciously reassess your body, mind, and performance.

What do you think of Joe Grant’s post in IRF about the intentions and mis-directing of those intentions of sponsored athletes running non-commercialized events?

ICYMI: Ben review BUFF’s lineup right here and Sarah checks out the Brooks Caldera 2 trail shoe.

More gear talk: Skurka breaks down trekking poles right here.

Short news day. Prepping for interview today and will release it tomorrow.

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