Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Feb 28

Not sure of what to think about the recent AlSal PED news? Mario digs deep in his latest Morning Shakeout about what he thinks will happen next.

There are 657 muscles in the human body.  Only one “exercise” works all of them, and it’s best performed for 30-45 minutes for best effect.  What’s great is that everyone likes doing it!

One year ago this week, we interviewed still-emerging Jim Walmsley and learned about his plans for what was to be an incredible year.

Yes! Tackling the trails as a new parent.  How to balance family and trail time effectively.

Not peer-reviewed yet, so I’ll leave it to you to draw conclusions, but the findings related to fats, carbs, and heart disease look pretty compelling.  And science folks want to weigh in?

Chris Mocko just quit a cool tech job to try his legs as a pro runner.  Here’s his inaugural post.

Must read: What do veteran track and field athletes think of the doping problem and the attempts to fix it.

Jade’s report from Orcas Island 100.  Here’s her interview after her first hundred last year.

Tips from masters runners (including Mike Wardian) on staying injury free.

“World’s Fastest Stoner” aiming to break 4min in the mile this year.  Awesome!

Speaking of that, of course there’s a cannabis gym opening in San Francisco.

If you haven’t met Rob Goyen, you’ve most likely heard of him.  He’s the leader of Trail Racing Over Texas and has a pretty awesome personal story about his massive weight loss and life change. Here’s a trailer for an upcoming movie and a spark for a guest idea.

OOOookay, so the pro marathon shoes they’ve been making before have not been designed to run sub2?  But these are. Gotcha. This whole thing seems like one big stupid marketing ploy.

Rachel here is a bit more intense with her recovery, but I/we can certainly relate.  (On that note, I’m going on my first run tomorrow. One mile on the treadmill!)

Gorgeous: Walking every national trail in England and Wales.

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