Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Feb 5

As rain and cold cover much of the country, maybe now’s a good time to learn how to use that clothesrack treadmill in your garage.

Speaking of the cold, if we’re out running and it’s cold, this guy won’t hesitate to slice you open like a Tauntaun and warm himself on your steaming intestines.

Beer can do a lot of things, but contrary to popular opinions, it won’t do much for lactating. Though I have heard that too much of it will cause moobs in men.

Late entry: After 43 years, the Marine Corps Marathon is adding a 50k.

You don’t need sports drinks to stay hydrated. h/t Don’s Diary.

While I don’t agree with all of the suggestions, this post by a collection of PNW female trail runners is worth checking out. I imagine everyone would like to see more participation by women in the sport, but how to do it is the big question.

Apparel companies designing new running shorts to support this trailrunner’s giant cojones. Wow!

I think it’s fair to say that running and fighting are the oldest sports in the world. Tag isn’t far behind though, and now it’s a professional event and I really really want to play.

I’m not sure whether to feel good or ignored, but I’ve never had an encounter with Jane Benfer before. Here’s more on what she’s up to.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout for the week.

I like runners whose two favorite distances are the mile and the 50k. Neat bio about a runner I need to follow more closely: Matt Daniels.

Advice: Don’t listen to professional athletes for wellness and fitness tips.

More advice: Do listen to Physical Therapists who are also successful athletes. Here’s what Kaci Lickteig wants 40+yo ultramarathon runners need to know.

Had my first vegetarian cooking fail last night: I made a kasha pilaf and it smelled AND tasted like gasoline. My kids didn’t believe me when I told them it was food.

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