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Ten time-tested tricks to suffer more in any ultramarathon or trail race.

Science?: Working out with music is horrible.

Ok, by now you can probably see how this report is going. It’s another ‘I didn’t train hard enough and now I’m going to suffer’ report. Tis true, however at this stage in the race we had found another 5 or 6 runners all in the same boat. They would over take us as they ran and we walked and then vice versa. 

Here’s a great race report from Dan in the UK about finishing his first ultramarathon…What helped him get through the physical pain?  A quote from the Gary Robbins interview.  Nice job Dan!

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Here’s the Patron -exclusive podcast with Zach Miller.  For the price of a gel each week, you’ll help support the time I spend on the site, get yourself an extra episode each month, and make yourself eligible for gear and entry giveaways.  Thanks supporters!

In that interview, Zach, Ethan, and I were chatting about awesome camper vans…here are two I want.

Eight badass older hikers.

Intriguing: When a physician needs to have someone explain a medical procedure to help trick the brain and the body during an ultramarathon, you know it’s confusing…but dang that sounds awesome.  I present to you nerve gliding.

Here’s the latest edition of Mario Fraioli‘s Morning Shakeout.  No ultramarathon content, but plenty of commentary about road running and the changing landscape of media in our sport.

Ian Torrence digs deep into the history and current situation of doping on the trails and in ultramarathon distance events.

And here’s more on the suspended triathlete story from yesterday.  People are still taking salt tablets???

Industry news: Patagonia and OR looking to leave Utah and put down stakes in a different state.  California, Nevada, Oregon?

Wow, what a cool medium! Artist cuts out paper in topo-ish maps of ocean floors and mountain ranges. Anyone got $900?  Here’s more.

Releasing new episode today with Golden Ticket winner Emily Harrison and a new shoe review by Ben: The Under Amrour Horizon RTT.  And whoa, stay tuned for later this week when I release our interview with Stephanie Case. She retells her story about almost losing her life in the Italian Alps five weeks ago.  Amazing interview with a very strong lesson.

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