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CTS/Koop: How much time do you really need to train for an ultramarathon?

Seventeen year old Hobbs Kessler runs a 3:57 mile, becoming the fastest 17 year old in history. Cool background too…both of his parents were/are top runners, but Hobbs identified as a rock climber until just recently. Anxious to see what this young man will focus on in the future as he heads to, ahem, Flagstaff for college.

FKT: Preparation and execution of a Grand Canyon FKT, as told by speed record holder Sunny Stroeer.

Dure Magazine: These pictures of a trail run near Cornwall, England could easily be from the Marin Headlands, minus the castle.

My favorite race in the world, with narration from one of my favorite athletes to run it: Allie Ostrander’s VoiceOver of her Mount Marathon win. Hell yes.

Beck: If this is advocacy for women’s sports, what does the opposition look like? Kevin comes out hard in support of girls and women in sports and discusses how the woke mob is trying to frame the issue as an -ism.
Waiting for other influencers, athletes, and writers to speak up in support of the 99% of females who want to compete against other regular females.

Another incredible marathon field in Japan:

Second pregnancies and births are generally easier, right? And getting back to running should be easier, right? Nope, not for Jasmin Paris. In this new post, she shares her experience.

Anyone want to guess what the World Record is for a barefoot half marathon in the snow? A Norwegian just broke it.

Treeline Journal: Black Canyon 100k preview! A stronger men’s field than women’s, but tons of top talent in both! Lots of elites, but I’ll be keeping an eye on some of athletes I haven’t seen recently like Yassine Diboun and Sarah Keyes.
Also, Chase’s previews have taken the spot left vacant when Speedgoat Karl stopped posting his odds so many years ago. They’re fun, informative, and well researched.

MTB: Danny McCaskill takes the hard route straight down the slabs on the Isle of Skye. And big props to the drone pilot for the shots. Great work!

New episode: Last week I had Nicole Monette on the show and we discussed her growth as a runner and how she found herself finishing second place at the HOKA 100k event last month while also balancing three kids and a real job. Fun talk…keep an eye on Nicole at Canyons this year.

Can we use some common sense and start permitting events again? This is ridiculous.

When you see it…

–Found on this guy’s Twitter feed.

Olympic runner Alexi Pappas goes to jail.
(to help inmates train for a marathon.)

Run Spirited: The importance of core work for runners. Personally, last year was the first time I really had my core dialed in and I noticed it, both in terms of flexibility/strength, and really in how I saw myself in the mirror. All from paddling boarding a few times each week.

My Super Bowl analysis: The Weeknd sucked. My top five performances (random order except for #1): Gaga, Bruno Mars, Blues Bros/James Brown/ZZ Top in 1997, Michael Jackson, and numero uno…Prince in 2007 in the pouring f’ing rain.

Ultrarunning History: Davy shares the details of Don Ritchie’s incredible World Record in 1977 with some extra focus on past URP guest Frank Bozanich. This site is my favorite resource for all things related to the history of ultramarathons.

The “Take the Bridge” races that Mario mentions here sound awesome. Glad to see people are getting back to racing.

Runner uses “cheat day” to eat ice cream and sleep with neighbor’s wife.

How to enter the 2021 UTMB lottery.

Should listening to music while exercising be considered a Performance Enhancing Drug? I’d put it in the same category as I do cannabis use while working out: It doesn’t make you perform better, but it does enhance the enjoyment of the activity.

An Instagram account of shi*ty Guinness pours in London.

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