Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Jan 10

Ultramarathon Daily News

Joe shows us how to stay healthy, fit, and hopefully injury free with these mobility metrics and corresponding stretches. Good stuff.

Need a good laugh for this morning? Just read this.  Funny, scary, and very relatable.

Want to learn more about Stephanie Howe’s awesome comeback from injury to overall win at Bandera? Here’s a great piece in trail running magazine by Paul Cuno Booth.

Best new micro/nano breweries for 2016, by region.  I haven’t heard of most of these…you?

The five different types of hill workouts you should be doing right now.

This race sounds intriguing. 191 miles on rails-to-trails paths in Nebraska.  Anyone with info on the trail and area? Weather? Giddy up.

Did you check out our latest interview with Jamil Coury? You’ve seen his Mountain Outhouse videos on these pages, so we talk about the role of new media in ultramarathon running, his Barkley/Hardrock schedule, and what it’s like directing 3 dozen races each year.

napa valley ultramarathonThat episode was graciously sponsored by the Napa Valley 50k.  Held in picturesque Calistoga in April, the race is 100% on trails, includes a great spread of food, music, and fun, and also features a 10k/10M the next day.

Adidas wins the PR game for #rainageddon.  Well played.

Remember to take care of (and replace) your gear.  

Mario’s Morning Shakeout.  I’ve bookmarked his interview with Ed Caesar and will get to it later.

Once again, Japan’s depth at long distance running astounds me.  Check out this list of the collegiate half marathon times.

More on Japanese running. This of a different sort.

There aren’t many thing in the world that compare to spending a day in nature, running trails with your kid.  Here’s Kathy and Ras’ latest adventure.

Collegiate Trail Runners of the Year. I’m not (yet) familiar with the female, but Hayden Hawks won it for the fellas. 

Adam’s funny story from the Hong Kong 100. What he learned and what would he have done differently.  But I want to know about the soup! How was it?  Here’s our interview with Adam from 2014…it’s a good one.


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