Ultramarathon Daily News, Tuesday, Jan 17

Justin/IRF’s week of ultramarathon and trail results from around the world.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Commitment, Connecting, and Coffee.

Boris Berian’s letter to his future self.  What would yours look like?

Some info on Britain’s toughest ultramarathon.

Strava is killing the blissful, beautiful loneliness of running. What do you think?

Excellent essay about the history of XC as an Olympic sport.  Will it appear in the Games again???

Mike “The Fruitarian” Arnstein and Shawn McTaggart won their respective fields at HURT 100 this past weekend.  Looking for a fun interview? Check out our first encounter in 2012 right here, then where we caught up with him a few years later.

Scott Dunlap stopped drinking for 40 days. How did it affect his running and his life?

On a personal note, I’m on day 17 of no booze and doing fine. Like Scott, my sugar cravings went through the roof, but I’m currently enjoying much, much better sleep (longer, for me) than before.  My problem is that I won’t know how it’s affecting my running because I haven’t run since the 1st, and won’t be for another few month.  MRI on Friday showed a lateral tear in my meniscus and I’ll be having surgery either this week or next.  No, no. No sympathy…It’s going to be better…at least it’s something. Surgery will fix it and I’ll be good to go.  A lot better than “it’s a strain. Go to PT for ten weeks and it might get better”, right?

I’ve mentioned numerous times on these pages my interest in SwimRun events in Europe. Ryan Sandes competed in his first recently…here’s an interview about the race.

Science! The whiplash from ever-changing medical advice.

I totally get this woman. Maybe it’s the consistency, or perhaps it’s something in her mind that’s calmed by the repetitiveness, but running the block for that long works for her.

Exactly.  There are some killer beers that are canned, but the big question is What’s the occasion?

Looks like Walmsley is taking on this treadmill challenge in Missoula in a few weeks.  They’ll show it live?

The Angry Jogger designs his own running watch. Would you believe me if I told you it was wrought with swear words?

Scotland’s five best MTB trails (that I assume are trail runner friendly.)

Big huge thanks to those who’ve clicked on over the URP Patreon page and supported my work.  One gear giveaway coming this week, then we’ll chat about choosing the next guest.  It’s simple…you support me, I produce more for you.  Thank You!

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