Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Jan 19

We’ve all got our goals and motivations: If this guy can win 200 marathons (he’s already won 114), he’ll get pizza for life.

iRunFar: Justin catches up with Scott Dunlap, a hugely influential person in our sport. An OG blogger, runner, tech guy and thinker, Scott helped navigate some turbulent times during MUT’s first big wave of online popularity.

Science: If IBS symptoms have led you to believe you’re gluten intolerant, these new findings about a localized immune response may be great news.

UK Athletics starts an “equality” campaign that would have female XC runners race the same distance as men. Not so fast, we like it this way…says a large and influential group of female athletes. Naturally, a group of wokesters on Twitter are calling them sexist.

2021: Get your vax and we’ll give you a bag of pot.

Looking for a cool job in the industry? Aravaipa Running has quite a few gigs open right now.

Might as well just get a bike, Mr. President.

What will it take for Jim, Camille, Catrin, and others to break the 100k records next weekend?

Kevin Beck writes about the continuing problems at Outside Magazine and how its approach (ad dollars at all cost, fomenting strife, intersectional friction) is bad for everyone. Of course his writing takes a few tangents and brings the story back to society at large. As always, a good and compelling read.

Ron Clarke was a beast of an athlete.

Is the social media scene causing your running to suffer? Some tips and advice on how to stop comparing your adventures to others.

Went on a gorgeous run yesterday morning and a coupla songs from The Shaggs came on my random mix of music. Take this as advice: Don’t ever try to run or do anything that requires coordination when listening to The Shaggs.

TrailRunnerMag/Roche: The importance of short strides and how they’ll help improve your trail times.

Trail Sisters: You don’t have to have the latest and greatest to enjoy the outdoors. You be you.

Olympic Games: Smaller and simpler opening/closing ceremonies at the games. Although I think it’s silly (these are young athletes outdoors…their risk is minimal), I’ll be glad to see these portions shortened.

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