Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Jan 19

Ultramarathon News from Around the World:

Ian teaches us base training for ultramarathons.  Good stuff.

So important: How to avoid runner’s burnout.

America has more breweries now than ever before…and that’s causing some problems.

Here’s a study on how injury affects student athletes, but many of the findings can be translated to adults as well.  The mental anguish and loss of “self” and routine is awful.

trail and ultramarathon art
Check out the site for rad trail art.

Looking for a great gift for a trail friend, or maybe a little sumthin for yourself? Check out some of these great pieces from Maggie Tides.

Mountain bikers, trail runners, hikers, hunters, and others all have to share the trail.  Here, a MTBer calls out his fellow riders to treat the trail with a bit more respect.

This marathon RD is being pretty diplomatic when dealing with the DQ’ed runner.

Wow! Check out these trails on the border between Italy and Switzerland! Guillaume takes us on a fun run along the Denti della Vecchio.  Anyone know if there are races in that area?

“Presenting sponsors” of races often go unnoticed, but this time they nailed it.

New year, old debate: High carb or high fat…what’s best for runners?

I’d think most trail runners would have a good sense of balance, but your vestibular sense may still be holding you back.

Short news day. Be sure to check out yesterday’s news for some goodies.

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