Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, Jan 24

Ever wonder what Anton’s gear closet looks like? Here’s your chance. (Dude, donate some of those shoes!)

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: No ultra content, but solid commentary on the running world.

Next time you face a stream crossing and the water’s freezing cold, channel the Roche’s dog for some inspiration.

Excellent: Should you run that hill or hike it?

Writers/Editors: Competitor Running is looking for an EIC.

I guess I don’t understand this outrage: During the women’s Ekiden in Japan, it was cold and it snowed. People freaked out, calling it cruel, mean, and “hell running.”  The athletes weren’t complaining, so who cares, right?

“It’s an unbelievable opportunity to be in that type of race, and I just wanted to take advantage of it,” Principe said after throwing up in a trash receptacle adjacent to the track.

HS miler DJ Principe after almost breaking the four minute barrier.

A day after running 2:56 on Antarctica, Wardian runs a 2:45 in South America. Today he’s in Florida.

Is your running life getting stale? Here are some ways to rekindle your relationship.

Hey non-west coast Sierra Nevada drinkers: If your beer tastes a little…glassyhere’s why.

“Looks like you’re a runner…you mean like marathons?” “Well…..”   Six reasons to tell your doc about your running and ultramarathon exploits.

Tanya’s flow of consciousness essay about her training runs and where they end up.

Releasing a new episode today with Ken Michal. We talk about his recent DNF at HURT and his Battle Plan for Awesomeness in 2017. Stay tuned!

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