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Thanks for sticking with me!  In the seven years I’ve been writing this, that’s the longest I’ve taken off.  Christmas, New Years, my son’s 5th birthday, my sister had her first baby, house projects, some running, some gear testing…Whew!  I hope you had a good one too. Let’s get going with 2017!

You want 2016 ultramarathon stats? You can’t handle the stats!  Dig in here and get ready to geek out.

Anyone in OKC know what’s going on here? Trail runners (and seemingly everyone else on two feet) banned from the trails?  Any insight?

Justin’s recap of the week of ultramarathon and trail results is right here

I’d like to see the details, but Ethiopia is now giving lifetime bans for drug cheats.

And Billy Yang’s recap of the whole year is right this way. Great video!

Luke tempts me to move to the PNW with this awesome recap of his year on the trails.

Believe it! Exercise does more good if you believe it will.

It was pretty cool (and surprising!) to get named one of the Best Podcasts of 2016 by Outside Magazine. It wouldn’t have been possible without Jim’s candor about the wrong turn heard ’round the world. 

Seventeen beer and running clubs to join in 2017.  And on a personal note, I’m on my yearly sabbatical from beer.  Each year I choose a month to abstain, and this year it’s January…get it out of the way quick!

We could talk Trump, gun control, abortion, or who’s got the best pho in San Francisco, but here’s something that gets people fired up even more: Should ultramarathon runners go on a ketogenic diet?

Five things female runners should know about their private parts.

Not entirely sure what’s going on behind the scenes at NIKE, but they’ve lost the vast majority of the Trail Elite team to a competitor.  Tim Tollefson, Chris Vargo, Alicia Vargo, David Roche and Megan Roche are all on Team HOKA as of this week.  Caroline Boller left Nike and has decided to go sans-shoe sponsor for the time being, and HOKA also signed Sabrina Little, Jared Hazen, and a few others.  The NIKE stable is getting thinner with rumors of  Zach Miller’s exodus coming soon.

My impression is that Nike is not fully invested–or even very interested–in trail and ultrarunning.  The budget is minuscule compared to the company cap, and with all the resources available, the “connection” to the sport and runners has been absent.   Will they be willing to match competitors offers, or will they lose the rest of the mens team?  Stay tuned.

Speaking of UROYs, definitely take a few minutes and read the interviews with both Jim Walmsley and Kaci Lickteig in Ultrarunning Magazine.  Very good interviews about what we should expect from each of them this year. Fourteen flat at Western?!? Yow!

Imagine living on the world’s steepest street (35%!) and the hill shape you’d be in after just a few weeks of walking to the store!  Then I think of my kids toys, balls, and bikes, and I’m perfectly happy here.

Most “top trail running races around the world” are pretty generic and similar. This list has a few races I’ve never heard about and leaves out some obvious big ones. Have a looksie.

You heard Clare Gallagher on this podcast, but check out this video she did for REI right this way.  Definitely a fun and spunky personality to add to the trails!

Do you have a race on your calendar? Check out Sarah’s four tips to structure your training for real ultramarathon success.

Here’s Mario’s Morning Shakeout for the week with a great analysis of Ed Whitlock’s success. No fancy shoes, no GPS, no ice baths, no Tailwind, etc…

Will these be the top 20 fitness trends for 2017? Anything you think will be on the list, specifically for out little neck o’ the woods?

And finally. In an attempt to bring involvement and value to you–both readers and listeners–I’ll be launching a campaign later this week that will keep everything exactly as it is!  Exciting, right?  

Ah, but there’ll also be a few options for monthly subscriptions where you’ll have access to additional content, podcasts, and be eligible for gear giveaways and beer tours.  Stay tuned, and thanks always for your support.


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