Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Jan 31

Ever curious about the tech/gear the camera folks use to shoot trail races? Check this out.

Camille Herron’s professional advice (she studies this stuff for a living) for ultramarathon longevity: Skip the long run.

Wanna geek out on the Arrowhead 135 entrants list and leaderboard? Enjoy. Current weather conditions are -13F with a projected high of 7 degrees today.

Great Britain’s top distance runner Eilish McColgan gives an empathetic and reasonable response to whether trans women should be allowed in women’s sports. Meanwhile, a near shameful silence from those who claim to support women’s sports in America.

Collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines testified yesterday about her experience competing against and sharing female-only spaces with a male athlete.

From the “yep, sue the hell out of them” file: Ultramarathon runner hit by motorcycle mid race because RD’s hadn’t permitted or protected the race course.

While I’m not comfortable around horses, it’s nice to see our equestrian trail brethren getting some attention.  I’ve been out on the Western States Trail during the Tevis Cup when riders come through and it’s damn impressive to watch.  (I’m assuming the red lights they use have something to do with not distracting the horses? Anyone?)

Dumb Runner: Race Director holds up severed head of bandit as warning to others.

Short news day today.


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