Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Jan 4

Sarah writes an article for Telluride Magazine about staying fit in the snow and why you need to beware of the “umbles.”

Ironman champ Dave Scott lists off his top ten fruits and vegetables.

Adventure Journal: If it’s not enorphins, then what exactly is a “runner’s high?”  A neuroscientist looks at a few decades of research and comes up with some conclusions.

If you want to follow the narrative pushed by many in the MUT/outdoor media, your options are unlimited. But if you’d like to hear two people, coming from very different political perspectives, discuss social issues that intersect with running and how the sporting media covers them (Is the running world a racist and sexist hellscape? Are outdoor journalists and publications doing their jobs as objective observers? And who exactly are these “influencers” we’re following?), I’d highly recommend this interview on Derrick Lytle’s Juniper Lab Podcast. His guest is Kevin Beck, and whether or not you agree with everything Beck says or writes, it’s a compelling conversation that’ll make you think.

Comprehensive list and ranking of runners of the age of 70 who have completed a hundred mile footrace. Some seriously impressive results in here.

Not just a race report, but a life report on getting fired from a job, Covid woes, kids, marriage, friends, and ultimately, yep, Hellgate 100k. Excellent writing and insight from one of the Wussies in DC.

Adventure Blog: Today I learned that each continent has a Pole of Inaccessibility that is defined as the spot equidistant from all its coastlines. (I looked it up…for North America, the Pole of Inaccessibility is in southwest South Dakota.) Also in the article….some explorers skiing and kiting (?) across f’ing Antarctica.

Speaking of the Arctic, here’s a neat story about a woman born to fabulous wealth in Marin County who spent her time and fortune exploring Greenland and other spots high on the latitudinal scale. I’d love to learn more about her…anyone read anything? Podcast maybe?

Short news day. What did I miss?

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