Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Jan 7

Adventure Journal: Bill “One Gallon” Nedderman just finished the quadruple triple crown…that’s hiking all three major long trails, four times each. Good interview that delves into how it started, how he affords it, and what he’s got planned.

Tuesday Funny: Bear eats stoned trail runner and has a really, really chill and enlightening afternoon.

Press and Journal UK: William Sichel is going for his 750th (!) record soon, as he attempts a 1,000 mile road race in Greece.

Women’s Running: Power Women of the Year. Clare Gallagher listed as sole MUT runner on the list.

This week in science: Running is….good for the arteries!

ORM: The OCR world continues to struggle with growth as Tough Mudder CEO Kyle McLaughin steps down from his post.
Sure, the MUT world has had some growing pains, but compared to our funky, spear-throwing-and-barbed-wire-ducking cousins, I’d say we’ve done pretty well.

Well, this made me immeasurably happy yesterday:

TrailRunner/Roche: Does training on a fasting diet make sense? Are any potential consequences different for men and women? Coach David digs in.

UROY Countdown: Matt Daniels and Katie Schide come is at #9. Yesterday’s announcement was Amanda Basham and Jason Schlarb for #10.

The Trek: Thinking about attempting an FKT? Read this first. Good and honest perspective on what it takes both mentally and physically.

Looks like Puerto Rico just suffered another major earthquake this morning. Ugh. If you want to hear a story of resilience, strength, and community in the wake of tragedy, listen to this interview we recorded with Patsy Ramirez-Arroyo last year.

VinePair: After reading this, I’m wanting to learn more about Chicha. Anyone tried Dogfish Head’s version?
(No, still not drinking.)

What can you do to shave a little time off the clock? Aerodynamics and drafting for runners.

SCMP: Stud MUT runners Ragna Debats and Perre Aurell take their five year old on an epic trek around the world as they run an ultra on every continent. The article mentions they’d run WSER if they win spots, but it looks like luck wasn’t on their side. Any idea what they’re running instead?

Geography: I scanned through this video for a few clicks until I realized that the incredible scenery was in the other Georgia. Beautiful!

First day of track and field for the kids team today. Always fun, nerve wracking, and exhausting.

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