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Excellent piece by Koop about what it takes to win an ultramarathon nowadays. Our sport is no longer a race won by attrition or “running your own race”…races are won by knowing when to chill, how hard to push, and when to push harder.

Wait, Pizza Hut delivers beer? Where was this when I was in college? (Another vote to move to Texas.)

“For ultrarunners, personal records, traveling, and racing with friends is more valuable than competing with other athletes,” lead study author lead author Zbigniew Waśkiewicz, Ph.D., told Runner’s World.

Interesting results from a study that seeked to identify ultramarathon runners motivations.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout for this week. Good stuff as always. Marathons, fashion, coaching, and more.

This story baffles and saddens me, but I’m still not sure who’s behind it: People are mad that London Marathon doesn’t award medals to guide runners. As I wrote on Twitter, it sounds so tawdry and strangely self-promoting to have to say this, but guiding is a selfless act and the guide should expect nothing in return. Sighted guides shouldn’t be there for their own glory or recognition or medal count and whining about not getting a medal is just…fu(king…tacky.

The countdown has started! Ultrarunning Magazine lists Kaci Lickteig and Jared Hazen as #10 in the countdown to number one. 

Wow, I can relate to this post on yoga so much! Tell me to lay down and be quiet and do nothing, and my mind goes into overdrive, creating a million scenarios to get me out of that situation. Anyone else relate?

Good lessons and tips on time management from a couple who have their plates full. Now though, add kids.

Speaking of kids, get them the hell outside. Here are some great ideas for water activities to do with the family.

And more on time management: The difference between speed and velocity.

Introspective and excellent writing from Amelia Boone about her 2018 and what she expects from the future.

Speaking of Ms Boone, both she and Timmy Parr are the latest athletes to sign on with Altra Elite.

Do me a favor: Hop on over to iTunes and review the damn podcast! I hate having to ask, but it’s been awhile. Thanks.

I love music as much as you do and I’m sure what you’re listening to is important and I’ll love it, but please, for the love of Lottery Gods, keep it to yourself in the outdoors.

24 hours on a 200m indoor track? Ooof.

Leslie describes 2018 as one of the toughest, but heck, I’d be thrilled to line up for as many races as she did–and what a great mix! Read her post here.

More from Coche Roche: Setting some good goals that will help you love running and life. You can do it.

Government shutdown affecting beer production. This must not stand!

Looking for a gift for someone or maybe just a cool way to support a good cause? Here’s some autographed paraphernalia from some of the sports’ top women athletes that’ll go towards bringing clean drinking water to those who need it.

Cool: Add weather info to your Strava data.

Good post at the right time. Though I’m lousy at moderating, I’ve been trying to change my family’s diet towards one based more on plants. Combined with my kids’ inability to consume dairy without farting for three days straight, and I’m faced with the horrifying prospect of becoming vegan. Ack! No way will I give up good cheese or ice cream or the occasional sushi or wild boar carnitas, but this semi-drastic change is something I think I can handle and something I need.

That’s it folks. This morning I’m chatting with a Dane living in Nepal about the trail running scene in the region. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Stay tuned.


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