Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, July 13

The mens and women’s Mt Marathon was race awesome, but check out the juniors race right here. These kids are beasts!

And for a different type of race, Jonathan Gunderson, Suzi Swinehard, Harvey Lewis, Oswaldo Lopez, and more will be lining up for Badwater 135 next week. The weather is predicted to be between 115-121 on race day. It’ll cool down to 90 at night though…

What’s the best type of camping beer?

NYT mentions the women’s race at Western States, but really only in the context of how they did compared to the men. I agree with Cherie at Strides Forward Podcast that the incessant comparison is getting old: Men have their race and women have theirs. How about an in-depth focus on how the women’s race played out?

Japan Running News: Ruy Ueda becomes first Asian to win Skyrunning World Championships. The dude is an absolute beast and I wish he’d race over here more.

With Covid ravishing much of his country Neel still managed to organize (and run!) an ultramarathon through his home state in Northern India. Great report from a different perspective in the world.

I’ve been fairly critical of Trailrunner Magazine and some of its overly-woke articles, but this one by Yitka Winn is an exception. Good message with fair and measured information for women hitting the trails.

When an adventurer needs to be rescued, who should foot the bill?  As a fiscally conservative guy, I don’t want to bay for this ill-fated trip across the Pacific. But as an endurance junkie and lover of big adventures, I want people to keep pushing the boundaries.

The Prince of Pacing Bob Hearn takes down the screwed AND crewed records at the 500k Vol State. Incredible performance. Meanwhile, Bev Abbs takes the women’s screwed record. Here’s our interview with the fascinating Bob Hearn.

Speaking of records, both the mens and women’s records fell at the challenging Sinister 7 hundred miler in Canada over the weekend.

Adventure Journal: Trying to find the bright side to the drought. New trails and routes in Lake Powell!

Ultimate Direction: John Kelly discusses his reclaiming of the Pennine Way FKT accompanied by some beautiful pictures.

CNN: USADA lobbies White House to change cannabis rules in sports.

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