Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, July 14

Run Spirited: Ten etiquette tips for trail runners.

Most stories that involve a trail runner literally running into a grizzly bear don’t turn out well. Luckily, this runner finished her run with just a few scratches. Wow!

Ian Corless runs down his gear list for light fast packing. Much of it is only available on the European market and that got me thinking…if you had to choose, would you use exclusively North American or European gear? (Both are great options!)

iRunFar: The previous Nolan’s women’s FKT holder interviews the new Nolan’s FKT holder with great detail. Great job Sarah and nice job Megan!

Always happy to include one of my favorite authors in these pages: David Sedaris wrecking his FitBit/Strava friends as he goes on some epic walks around NYC.

Jason Loutitt (HURT and Squamish champ) has been riding his bike across Canada in support of Aboriginal causes. Check out his updates here. Dude’s a beast.

Industry: REI announced mass layoffs.

Funny: Florida governor offers to host Chicago Marathon.

AJW writes about taking this opportunity to spend time outdoors with family. Man, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been out every day with Sunny and Van…hiking, running, paddling, kayaking and exploring the outdoors.

After running 95 marathons over 95 days, Alyssa Clark started getting Covid symptoms and is calling it quits. Dammit.

And this is what a 200 mile week looks like (that’s 28 miles/day) at a 6:32mpm average pace.

Personal: I’m taking the CBEST on Friday so I can become a proper, licensed elementary school PE teacher. It’s an opportunity and a calling that I’m taking seriously and am incredibly excited about.
Aaaanddd….it looks like we won’t go to physical school next year so now I’m trying to figure out how to influence kids and keep them moving while not actually meeting them. Anyone got ideas? Kids don’t listen to podcasts do they??? (Yes, very frustrating!)

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