Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, July 14

Be sure to read what Jennifer Pharr Davis wrote on the advent of Jurek’s new FKT. Very wise and insightful words from an amazing woman.

Here’s the live results of Vol State, where Johan Steene set another record. I’ll  be talking him later this morning for a full sleep-deprived report.

Want to be faster and healthier? Sleep naked.

The ins and outs of being a professional runner. This interview is geared towards short/mid distance, but I’d love to do a piece on ultramarathon and trail running pros.

Really great perspective and realization from an endurance runner’s wife. Sigh.

Yes, I’ll be recording soon. Catching up on life and other URP business right now. Thanks for understanding.

Cool video of Kroger’s Camp aid station at Hardrock.  Wow, that’s dedication!

The top 5k woman in the country has a real job and sounds like a normal person.

Do you fear overtraining? Try one of these methods.

Zen and the art of hundred milers.

One exercise for better trail running.

How to train for hills when you don’t live in the mountains.  Article forgot two simple solutions: Parking garages and tire pulls.

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