Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, July 17

You head out on a run, but feel like crap. Why? New stressors? Diet? Training cycle? David Roche dives in and tries to identify possible answers.  Likewise, an old running friend reminds me to ask the same question when I’m feeling good. What’s causing this positive energy? Diet? Sleep? Whatever it is, keep doing it.

Maxmialist shoes: Avoiding damage or just masking pain?

This $70 Apple Watch knockoff (the Amazfit Bip Smartwatch) looks pretty incredible for the price and the reviews are glowing. Has anyone tried it?

Life lesson: When there’s indisputable proof of you doing something wrong (like, oh, cheating in a race), don’t lash out and make it worse. (h/t Mario Fraoili)

As someone with severely restricted nasal passages, I’m pretty sure this workout would kill me.

Am I seeing this right? Did Vol State 500k come down to just 17 seconds at the end? Kudos to Bill and Alan for not holding hands.

Though I’m not a climber and my knowledge of that world is limited to his YouTube videos, OR displays, and online discussions on “who’s the best”, Alex Honnold’s brain fascinates me. Here’s more on the science behind his fearlessness.

Good partnership: Mammoth Track Club and On running shoes. (Writers rant: Brands that have difficult names to work into sentences: On, The North Face [the The North Face race?], rabbit [small “r”], etc. Love the brands, but struggle with the names. Any others?

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