Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, July 19

Ultramarathon and Trail News From Around the World

NatGeo covers ultramarathons: One hundred mile races are more popular–and competitive–than ever.

Uh-oh: Robbie Britton claims/reports that 5th place finisher at UTMB last year has tested positive for EPO.

“You might think you’re going to be in this kind of shape for the foreseeable future. Odds are you aren’t. Don’t miss opportunities while waiting for the perfect alignment of VO2 max, competitive zest, fast course and salutary weather. Go carpe some diems while you can.

–This and more in Mario’s Morning Shakeout.

For the ladies’ girls: How to prolong the life of your sportsbra.

Probably not a big surprise: Backpackers still aren’t very thrilled with trail runners in the Grand Canyon.

All I’m gonna say about this: Imagine watching a final four game in basketball. It’s 4th quarter, 5 seconds left, 100-99. They sink a free throw to tie it up, then both teams walk off the court to end the game in a tie, leaving fans and sponsors utterly confused.

A definite winner at HR was trackleader.com’s coverage of the race. Accurate, easy to navigate, and fast. I hope more RD’s use that service.

Meanwhile, the impact of a 4th place finish at Olympic track and field finals.

Standings/results from Vol State 500k, with Laz’s requisite color commentary.

Speaking of ultra ultramarathons, Damian Hall recently set the FKT for the 630 mile South West Coast Path in the UK.  Here’s a full interview about the trek.

Speedgoat Karl is going for another Appalachian Trail FKT attempt. Awesome!

Speaking of the AT, I just got a pair of these special edition Brooks, and really don’t want to get them dirty.

Watch this: Gary Robbins’ ten essentials for safe back country running.

I spent Saturday afternoon thru early Sunday morning pacing Joseph Altendahl for thirty miles at Tahoe Rim Trail.  Fun times seeing people and checking out TRT’s incredible aid stations.  Joseph finished in 29:xx while I was passed out in my car.

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