Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, July 2

Koop/CTS: Why strength training will not make you a better ultramarathon runner.

Iron Mike: While most eyes were on Western and Lavaredo, Mike Wardian was setting a new record around the Washington Beltway.

Merrell: Yes it’s an advertorial, but it’s got some decent information. Only issue I have is putting Barkley in the same category as Spartan Trail races. (Fun stat: Barkley’s entry fee is 8% of what Spartan charges family members to watch the race.)

Meeeoooww: Montana trail runners and MTBers…be careful out there.

More on High Lonesome 100’s new entry policy. If the goal is to make two equal races (male race and female race) that run concurrently, then awesome. I really want to see more women racing, this is a great way to do it, and I expect other races will follow.

A few weeks ago I wrote about YouTuber Logan Paul challenging any other YouTuber to a race for $100k. The responses to his tweet were overwhelming (I dared him to race Nick Symonds in a steeplechase) and now he’s putting on a track meet–with big money–next month. As Mario smartly pointed out in his Morning Shakeout, how is it that some asshat kid can put on a well-funded track meet within a month, but the T&F organizing bodies can’t figure it out with far greater resources, time, and experience?

WS100 stats are in and despite plenty of carnage, the race saw the highest percentage of finishers in the modern era. The favorable weather certainly played a role, but what are the other factors? Better access to training information? Gear? More competition in qualifying races?

I’ve got a pretty great group of people who’ll be curating and compiling the Daily News for me when I’m gone: Different geographic regions, different viewpoints and different perspectives. If you’d like to help compile the Daily News, shoot me an email with DAILY NEWS in the subject line and I’ll get you on the calendar. Thanks so much everyone.

SCMP asks if elite runners should be required to carry the same mandatory gear as everyone else. (My opinion: No one should be required to carry anything, but I leave those rules up to the RDs.)

Magness: Did you just have a breakthrough performance? What now? Push harder to the next level, or ease off the throttle a bit?

AT FKT: Kristian Morgan joined Karel Sabbe during his FKT last year, and now Kristian is trying it himself with a goal of 40 days. Here’s his SPOT tracker.

Industry: Well this’ll be interesting. The former head of USA Triathlon is now leading the Iditarod which has had it’s own share of problems. Hope he’s able to bring the event back to where it once was. And yes, there’s a Susan Lucci reference.

Interesting: Nike pulls the plug on an American flag shoe, so Arizona Governor pulls the plug on corporate incentives for their new AZ factory. Who do you think will blink?

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