Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, July 21

Watch this: The whole PCT split into one-second increments.

Raw and emotional video from (near?) the end of Colorado 200 miler.  If you’ve really pushed yourself, you can understand some of what he’s feeling.

Another place many of us have been: Screwing up the alarm clock and getting to the start late.  Yeah, but Andy still did alright…

Ian does a good job covering the use of PEDs in ultramarathons.  My issue is with the TUEs, and my stance is severe: If you can’t compete without drugs, you shouldn’t (edit: be eligible for prizes and records.) compete. Asthma, cancer, thyroid issues? Sorry, this is the wrong sport for you.

Where running and philosophy collide…one of my favorite bloggers/writers pens a piece on “Running as art: Tolerance, Temperament, and the Ineffable.”  Let your brain kick in before reading it…there’s a lot there.

To those who go all in and all out. To those who risk failure and those who fall hard. To the blerch-killing, ass-kicking, norm-defying men and women who embrace their wounds and allow their vulnerabilities to shine. To the bold. To those who scare themselves on a regular basis, but don’t forget to laugh at themselves in the mirror. To the lone wolves and the outliers. To those who climb high into the clouds without knowing the path back down. To those who lack ‘balance’. There’s a whole lot of trail out there to discover, so keep doing what you’re doing. Run, live, fall, and wear your battle scars proudly. You’re in good company.

Embracing the battle scars with Stephanie. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Meet the ladies who’ll be representing the US at the Spartathlon this year. Solid group!

And 14 year old Colby will be there too, right after he finishes his 6 day in Florida.

Whatever you feel about the Jurek AT issue, read this compelling piece in Outside.  Some good points, some silly points.

Here’s a list of some other outdoor-related podcasts. What do you listen to?

It’s silly to call any Hardrocker “normal”, but here’s a quick interview with normal dude Brian Ricketts after his six-years-in-the-making finish.

Ghelfi gives us a rundown of the mixed bag of speedsters who’ll be lining up at this weekend’s SOB 50k in Ashland, Oregon.

Well this just got uncomfortable. LetsRun offers “Angry Letter to School/Marathon Dad” Mike Rossi $100k if he can match his reported time at Boston.

NUC, but I’m guessing most of us eat a lot of fruit: Here’s how to tell what’s fresh.

Is the slight decline in road races due to increased trail races? Where’s the data?

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