Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, July 25

Uncle Larry throws some bombs at the “bad-ass” ultramarathon runners of today. (Am I supposed to give a “trigger warning” for the sensitive young uns?)

Excellent interview with iconic adventure writer David Roberts. Interested in making a living writing? Check it out.

I’ve been pointing out the dominance of the Japanese marathoners for awhile. Apparently they’re also kicking ass in the toddler balance bike racing scene too.

But at the crux of it, the Pioneer spirit was about experiencing life and chasing dreams in a most profound way, against all odds and despite significant costs. It was about ignoring conventional wisdom and living life. It was about chasing dreams. That sounds a lot like ultrarunning.

Excellent essay by Karl Hoagland in Ultrarunning Magazine.

Fun interview with Meredith Edwards, Jason Schlarb, and Jake Urban as they discuss the latest adventure FKT they set in the Grand Tetons. (Here are our interviews with Jason and Meredith.)

Mario’s Morning Shakeout is full of running (and coffee) goodness.

Does anyone have connections in India? I’d love to send this dude some gear.

Interesting discussion about Nike’s decision to launch the Pro Hijab and what it means for social movements, sporting trends, and social media.

50k, 11 beers on the trail in Wales.

Whoa, big hill coming up. You gonna walk that or run it?

We know that Brian Rusiecki would run it. Here’s a good breakdown from Vermont 100.  And here’s the women’s recap.

If you were to choose a college solely based on hiking/running trails, where would you choose? Here’s a list with some questionable results. (Personally, year-round access is the #1 criterion for me.)

New female record set for the Tranter’s Round in Scotland. Looks beautiful!

Adding women’s 50k race walk to IAAF championships is good. No, it’s bad timing. Well, it’s sort of good-ish?

An ode to the post-run beer.

As Gear Editor Ben said: Holy hell, this is awesome. Mobile shoe re-solers!

Industry note: No, I’m not attending OR this year. Maybe TRE, but still not sure. Have fun!

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