Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, July 3

The power of a positive mindset in any race is definitely a performance enhancer.

What’s your protocol for encountering horses on the trail? Consider this from the UK

A casual VK and some killer trails and views in Chamonix.

Any runner with a coach needs to read this: Sarah is coached by Steve Magness–one of the best in the business–but it’s not up to him to race the race for her. Her message is honest, salient, and needs to be heard by those entering the sport.

Industry/marketing chat: Four social media campaigns done right, and the examples used are outdoor and beer related.

Have you seen posts and are wondering what’s going on with the Chris Froome decision? Watch this quick interview and catch up.

For a mere $5/month, you can get an extra podcast each week that dives a bit deeper into the Daily News topics, and you’ll be supporting my work. Yesterday’s Daily News briefing included my opinion on why Kilian is boring, more predictions for Mt Marathon, and how bad that Outside Magazine list sucked. I hope you’ll consider supporting the show.

Mario snuck out of his technology exile to drop a Morning Shakeout on us: Karno interview, reflections on technology and caffeine, and more.

Did ya see the sizzle reel from Western States? Pretty good footage from the back country.

Science: Your wearable are probably giving you wrong information because they’re not validated or calibrated correctly.

Some more info on the Mt Marathon field. Norris and Ostrander for the win.

Traci Falbo interview coming soon. We chatted last week about some recent struggles on the trails and I think you’ll be intrigued by her story. Stay tuned.

I’ve wondered about this guy. Nice to see a full story on DogsOrCaravan founder and ultramarathon runner Koichi Iwasa.

Meet your USATF Mountain Running team. I don’t know…if I were able to pick my “fantasy team”, there wouldn’t be a ton of overlap. Then again, I’ve heard about some of these biathlete crossovers from my favorite NE-based ultra chick Sarah and they sound impressive.

Adam Amin is a 16yo kid from LA who ran Broken Arrow Skyrace this year. For his third year straight.  Here’s a video he took of his race and the course this year. On a side note, I wish course maps were done like this…standing on the trail pointing to a peak or shoulder saying “that’s where we’re going.” I relate to that better than looking at just a topo map.

How trail runners can reduce their chances of getting struck by lightning.  Funny…listen to Koop’s interview about getting stranded in a lighting storm atop a mountain during Hardrock with a bunch of stoners in a tent. Great story!

Personal note: The Schranz clan is heading to Vancouver in early August. While not a runcation, I’m still hoping to get some trail time in. Looks like we’ll miss Squamish 50/50, Grouse Mountain, and Buckin’ Hell.Family day trips? Routes? Advice?

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