Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, July 5

Ultramarathon and Trail News From Around the World

He’s won Marathon des Sables five times, and now he’s ready to take on Badwater–the hottest Ultramarathon in the world. This should be good!

Tim Olson’s American Tarzan bio.  The show starts this week.

Kaci’s report from front of the pack at Western.  Only part she left out is when she gives a genuine smile and thanks to everyone who cheers her on. Nice job, Kaci.

Please respect the Bud Light Lime lifestyle.

Speaking of beer, here’s a video from Guillaume’s Beer Ultra. 50k and 11 beers, somewhere in Europe.

This weeks’ ultramarathon results from Justin at iRunFar.

Here’s the KTVA feed from Mt Marathon’s mens race. Incredible as always.

How runners deal with being sick. Sounds familiar.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Observations about the Olympic Trials.

Many of the performances at Western were overshadowed by Jim’s incredible run.  Here’s one of them: Master Jeff Browning adventure to the podium.

I like the idea of this vert series in the Bay Area.  Anyone doing it?

Holy hell, the World Mountain Running Champ course at Loon Mountain, NH was tough! Check out this video of the women’s race which was won by Addie Bracy in her first ever trail race. Wow!

The ultramarathon world lost one of its best–and eccentric–runners late last month when Al Howie died. Take a minute and read his bio/obit.

URP News; Seems the iTunes glitch has been fixed. Is anyone still experiencing problems with new episodes hitting the podcast player?  I’ll release Sarah’s Western States report today, so stay tuned.

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