Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, July 6

Run Spirited: From grief and obesity to a 200 mile win.

BBC: She set out on a 630 mile trek around England but made it three miles until she had to be rescued. These stories are becoming more and more common.

Next to the steeple, I consider the 400m hurdles to be about the toughest event in track and field. I guess I didn’t think a Norwegian guy named Karsten would set the WR. Huh.

Past HURT champ Jason Loutitt passed away recently. Not sure of any details. More on his running here.

iRunFar: Alex Nichols’ lessons from Western States 2021.

Honest question. Please help me out with this: How are we supposed to increase female and BIPOC involvement in MUT running when articles like this are posted regularly?

Toni Reavis writes about the Sha’carri Richardson case with an even tone and clear head.

Sage Canaday’s first trail run since his pulmonary embolism last month. Nice to see him healthy!

Short news day. What did I miss?

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