Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, July 7

Seven things to watch at Hardrock on Friday.

“I’ve done the work. I’ve got the beard.”  Here’s how Andy has prepared for Hardrock this year.

Mark came up short at Bighorn 52 last year, then set his goals for a finish this year, despite the race being a mountain ultra and he living in Iowa. Hard work and perseverance paid off.

Ten urban dictionary phrases translated for runners…most of them having to do with bathroom habits.

I’ve only met a few Fins, but they were tough people who drank me under the table, and the only Finnish runners I can name are on my list of running gods: Paavo Nurmi and Lasse Virén.  Here’s a beer mile (and other various miles) in Finland put on a group called the Backwoods Hillbillies. Yikes.

Looks like Lucho is getting back on the trails. Awesome!

Cool video of Scott’s run on day 41 of the AT FKT.

Magda’s report from Western. She writes about how the race went and how she executed her strategy, then spends the next half thanking everyone. She’s a great ambassador for the sport.

Meghan’s interview with Gary Robbins after his awesome Wonderland Trail FKT.

Beware of lighting strikes in the high country.  This time it killed a dog.

And I’m not really sure how I feel about this “ultimate ultramarathon.” Seems like a dangerous publicity stunt, but hey, maybe he’ll do it and it’ll be awesome. I tried the tracker, and can’t seem to figure it out. Anyone else?

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