Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, July 9

Koop/CTS: The right way to train for downhill running.

In the immediate aftermath I’m OK with the decision not to start another loop.  Could I have staggered through one or two more?  Maybe.  But that wasn’t getting me anywhere.  I saw no signs of cracking from Sean; he really looked as if he could go forever.

Jay Friedman: Dr. Jay writes about first run at the last-man-standing format Mountain Lakes Backyard Ultra.

UltraSpire: Great video and commentary on Ian Sharman’s incredible 10th Western States finish. Ian’s one of the most respected people in the sport and this video shows why.

Weather is getting hot! If you need a handmade ice bandana, consider grabbing one from this Etsy shop. Proceeds will go to caring for 10yo Troy–the son of a URP reader/listener–and towards research to find a cure for his potentially fatal Mitochondrial Disease.

TrailRunner: Mt Marcy looks like a cool peak. I’m assuming it’s technical as hell? (And yes, in my hell, all trails are rooty, slippery, and technical.)

NYT: How 2018 Leadville champ–and author—and mom—and wife—Katie Arnold fits it all in. (Here’s our chat with Katie from last year.)

I asked John Onate, MD to co-host the show with me this week, and I’m happy it worked out well. So you want to hear a story of tragedy, resilience, and all around toughness? (And by toughness I mean running-with-grizzly bears,-surviving-a-suicide-attempt,-finishing-an-ultra-with-a-broken-ankle,-and-opening-up-your-frozen-tracheotomy-with-a-freaking-key-toughness)
Here’s our interview with Carol Seppilu. Check it out.

TrailSisters: Katie writes about shifting expectations and mental strategies mid-race.

Amelia Boone: Honesty and candor about her decades-long battle with eating disorders. Finding the right balance on body positivity seems like an impossible task in our culture right now and it scares the heck out of me to think about what my kids will endure. Any advice appreciated.

Manitou Incline: I’ve never seen a video of the actual trail/steps all the way up. Thanks Schuyler!

Ad: Be sure to check out North Face Endurance Championship Wisconsin in September! Great course, fun scene, and hey 20% off with URP20 at checkout!

Dreama writes about crewing and pacing Team Jukka at Western States. Sounds like an all-around great experience! (Here’s Jukka’s report and…I knew I recognized his name! We featured him in our “five questions” section five years ago–and well ahead of the time with NA beers!)

More Finnish news! After surviving domestic violence, this Finn took to New Zealand to show her sisu as she ran across the country.

Common jargon used while talking about trails and hiking/camping in Washington–and most places.

Sage Canaday: Sage talks about what he might be doing wrong and analyzes his training and lifestyle. Reflection is always a good thing!

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Frank Meza, Amelia Boone, Bernard Lagat, Max King, and more.

We’re each only taking one backpack (no checked luggage) for our five week vacation this summer, so trying to squeeze in all the mandatory gear for Andorra Ultra Trail ain’t much fun. Since the rest of our trip will be in Portugal, I’ll be ditching most of my clothes and gear in the Pyrenees.
(And here’s to hoping that the US market and RDs resists the gear requirements forever. )

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