Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, June 14

Looking for a job in the MUT field? Finn over at Run Singletrack has put together a job board with a few dozen current listings.

Trailrunner Mag: Your watch doesn’t know how much recovery you need. There’s a similar algorithm that trips my Garmin and tells me I need to relax when I’m sitting down quietly reading a book.

Tuesday Funny: Athletic Brewing releases line of no-calorie gels.

Weather forecast for this weekend’s Broken Arrow Skyrace is looking cool. Low to mid 50s for a high with some snow up top. (For those keeping track, 2019 was my favorite year for the race, with runners and skiers sharing the mountain.)

iRunFar: Preview of the women’s field at Western States.

And here are the fellas.

But what has shocked organisers the most is the theft of a grey Superloo port-a-loo.

“It’s actually quite gutting. It leaves a real bad taste in your mouth.

Yeah, I’d say.

Ultrarunning Mag: Donald reviews the new Aidas Telex Agravic Pro trail shoe. Looks like a hybrid of a lot of shoes I like, and I’m a huge fan of BOA lacing systems. Might have to get me a pair of those.

Italian trail runner dies a hero after trying to help stranded family off mountain.

But unfortunately not all ultramarathon runners are good people. There’s this guy.

Ricky Lightfoot beat a horse. (In a race.)

Sunny and I had a great time running The Dipsea Race on Sunday. While I’m still struggling with post-covid lungs, she had a great time and did well finishing in 58th place. Your friendly author was quite a ways back. I plan on running that race for the next few decades.

Free advice: Don’t break into the car of an Olympic hammer throw champion.

Last week of school here in Sacramento! We’re all done on Thursday then heading up to Tahoe to volunteer at Broken Arrow. See you there.

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