Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, June 16

A (funny) addition to last week’s “what elite ultramarathon runners are doing that you aren’t.”

Fantastic article about Overtraining Syndrome in ultramarathoners and why you need to be aware of it.

Awesome: Prepare to be seriously inspired and to want to quit your job.

I shared Tonia’s race report last week, but here’s a bit more about her fight with pancreatic cancer.

Bookmark this: The five day countdown to your next race.

Outdoor e-gear etiquette. The same goes for this new trend of running with speakers instead of headphones. Just…don’t.

Adam’s analysis of what went wrong in his FKT attempt.

IRF’s Western States women’s preview.

…and here’s the women’s Hardrock preview.

And sure, 100 miles is a long way, but it’s nothing compared to these maniacs.

Mario went on a pretty gnarly run in the Dolomites last weekend. Here’s where he faces his fears.

Interested in timed events? Here’s a great report from Megan’s 24 hour run.

Solid advice for endurance athletes from the top OCR racer in the world.

Ian teaches us how to maximize vert. Here’s my answer.

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