Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, June 23

The most creative run award goes to the Seattle Mountain Running Group for mapping out (and running) a route that hit every single public stairway in the Emerald City. Awesome!

Simply the best Western States course preview video out there.

This has got to be one of the most exciting race formats I’ve heard about. Fatass style renegade race through the NY streets on a Saturday night with no course map and no rules. Awesome!

Did you hear this new podcast with Ryan Smith and Michele Yates? I chat with them about what they expect at Western States and how they see the day panning out.  My predictions? Ryan on the podium and Michele either DNFing or winning.

Just send this to the person who says “I could NEVER run a marathon!” Seriously, watch the video. That guy is tough.

You’ve got to check out this video from the Rae Lakes Loop in the Sierra Nevadas.

Did you check out this latest podcast with Dave Mackey? I got a chance to ask him about the accident, rescue, and what he sees in the future.  He also offers his opinion on the new Jurassic Park movie, the Western States field, and why he gets buzzed off 1/4 of a beer.

Anton’s doing a lot of riding now.

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Bryon has some more interviews with the mens field right over here. 

If you’re gonna run a road race, make it Mount Washington. Ouch!

AlSal starts to spin his defense: It was a miscommunication, then we lost the records.

No more pimped out motorhomes for professional cyclists.

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