Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, June 27

Koop: Seven steps to recovering after 100 miles.

Eight writers on why they run.

Avery Collins and Sabrina Stanley came close to setting the unofficial “couples FKT” at Western States. 

  • Avery Collins (6th OA in 17:37:11) and Sabrina Stanley (3rd in 20:11:41) for combined time of 37:48:52.
  • 1998: Ann Trason (4th OA in 18:46:16 and Carl Andersen (5th in 18:53:48) for a combined time of 37:08:04.

What’s another fast 100 mile couple out there who could make a crack at it? 

Wyatt’s take on Jim’s performance at Western. Agreed.

Women’s race halted to allow for men’s race to go by. The ladies were going too slow.

Ack! Runner gets crazy pus-filled sacs on legs from sunburn (or a rash?) during an ultramarathon in England. 30 C is only 86 F, so sun doesn’t seem likely. Of course, my mind goes immediately to: But did she pop them?

The 12 year old boy in me had to click this: How to do MASSIVE bunny hops.

Short news day today: Writing project, family obligations, and two new interview tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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