Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, June 28

Ultramarathon and Trail News From Around the World

Guidelines on making ultramarathon and trail races more environmentally sustainable.

What Dakota learned from a year of injury.

Good read: She trained every day for an Olympic spot and saw it all disappear quickly.  How she reevaluated her life and priorities and got healthy.

Why heart rate monitors are not good training tools for ultramarathons.

Do you really need an athlete page on Facebook???

Mario’s Morning Shakeout and his Musings from Western States.

While all eyes were on Western, Luke and friends took off on a point to point 70 mile jaunt in the North Cascades were they encountered not a soul.

New episode! I spoke with siblings Colleen and Chris the night before they started Western.  The odds of two siblings getting drawn are slim, made much worse by what they encounter along the way.  I’ll be speaking with them later this week and will share their report from the trail.

John Oliver takes on Olympic doping and it’s hilarious.

Lauren Fleshman’s take on Devon’s awesome run at Western.  Lauren, you’re next!

It’s supposed to be 107 here today. How to stay cool on your runs.

Neat report from Devil’s Thumb aid station at Western.


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