Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, June 6

Great read: Justin Simoni wanted to do something fun for his birthday, so he ran 13 laps on Green Mountain–just over the same vert as Mt Everest–and documented every lap with a fun cast of characters and pain levels.

As the weather heats up, we need to be ready to deal with high temps during ultramarathon training and races. Here are a lot of great tips from Koop on acclimation, hydration, and more.

Very interesting article on what shoe brands think of–and how they target–different running demographics and groups, and what non-elite runners are looking for in brands. What do you think of the assumptions?

New Podcast–>>Hey, let’s catch up with URP OG Scotty Sandow! He was last on the show in February, right as he was getting back on the trails after an extended absence. In this new podcast episode, we talk about his progress towards his first 100 in Sep, life pitfalls and what role running plays, how he got hurt doing yoga, and more.  He’s got five months to go and he’s refocused on his goal. Go Scotty!

If you depend on RateBeer for objective reviews of beer, you may want to find a new source. Anheuser Busch InBev has acquired shares of the popular rating site and has been known to not play nice. Would you read gear reviews on URP if we were owned by Nike?

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Kilian, Honold, and how to use stress effectively.

From the book Mario referenced by Brad and Steve: Four things top performers do every day. Excellent.

Race report from an ultra newbie: If I quit, I would regret it forever.  

A bit more on the new TNF Championship course, yet still no answer to whether the runners will be separated from the public crowds on the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Incredible story of recovery from an Olympic high jumper who became paralyzed after a freak accident snapped his back.

The Idiot’s Guide to Strava Run Titles.  I’m not on Strava much these days, but when I was, Alex Varner held the title for most creative and funny names.

If I were within a two hour drive from Calgary, I’d be all over this trail. Beautiful!  Anyone been there? Is it busy?

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