Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, June 9

Read this: Six things elite ultramarathon runners are doing that you are not.

And….here we go again. Ultramarathons and triathlons are now causing intestinal leaks.

Have you checked out the Western States roster recently? Who’d you like to hear on URP?

Nickademus’ ten tips for a successful long run (that you probably shouldn’t listen to.)  If you’re looking for a fun interview to listen to, check out this one from last year where Nick recounts his epic bonk and halluciations–and ultimate podium finish!–at Tour des Geants.

Looks like AlSal will have a press conference tomorrow to address some of the BBC documentary.

Is running having it’s cycling moment? My position is pretty clear in this article…what’s yours?

Here’s a story of an everyman getting ready to take on Western.

Here’s the info for Mountain Running Nationals in Bend next month. Is that the new Nike Trail logo? I don’t recognize it.

Excellent advice on how to avoid the evil Hypnos during your hundred.

Ellie’s pictures from Comrades.

Interesting analysis of how increased running participation decreases cycling participation and how bike makers are trying to appeal to more entry-level riders.

The anatomy of a sandbag. Funny, that’s not how my friends nor I have used the word. Maybe it’s geographic. You?

I published this list of “the most influential ultrarunners” last year, but it’s time for a refresh. I’ll get to it later in the week.

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