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Learn it. Know it. Live it.  How to make friends with pain on the trail or in an ultramarathon.

Wow, here’s an honest story about how endurance sports and ultramarathons helped this guy open up about years of traumatic sexual abuse.

Gary Robbins is running Barkley this year, and he shared the “condolence letter” of acceptance each entrant receives from Laz the RD.  I can’t think of many tougher runners than Gary, so this’ll be good for sure. Anxious to chat with him about his journey too!

My intentionally misleading headline: Solomon says five high profile athletes under investigation for doping.

Check out Mike Wardian’s race schedule for the rest of the year. Variety!

In order to prevent your toes from looking like this, be sure to follow this advice on how multi-day and ultra runners should care for their feet.

ultramarathon black toenail
Gary B’s submission to the Black Toenail Hall of Fame


Anyone tried this? A light powered by running motion? And 30 lumens casts light for 200 meters? Not in my examples. It’d be nice as a back up, I suppose.

You’ve seen some of Guillaume’s runs around the world, now here’s a teaser for what looks like will be more footage.  This guy travels to some awesome places!

Here’s Dawn’s report from the picturesque Antelope Canyon 50k. Wow! There’s no way I could focus on racing in a place like that.

Cover photo: Six year olds doing hill repeats after track work. Shouldn’t you, too?

Here are the best women’s running shoes of 2016, and here are the best mens.  Interesting how different the lists are.

And here are some reviews of running bras, from a-b.  We reviewed bras from d-dd over here.

Hey, what ever happened to Far North Endurance? I used to enjoy the site regularly, but it hasn’t been updated since last year.

Ian pens a nice memoriam about Ashland runner Todd Ragsdale.  I’m curious if they ever discovered what caused his death.  Anyone know?

Some place called Harvard (never heard of it) put out a study addressing the question: If humans are so adapted to running, and if runners are in such good shape, why the hell are we always injured?

John Medinger shared yesterday about the passing of an ultramarathon pioneer:

Sadly, I must report that I just learned that Ruth Anderson died last Friday. She was 86 and had suffered from Alzheimers the past few years. Her husband John died just two weeks earlier.

Ruth was a real pioneer, took up running in her mid-40s and won all sorts of age group awards in the late 70s and 80s. She finished Western States in 1983 and 1986. When she finished in 1983 at age 53 she was at that time the oldest woman to have ever completed the race. She raced until she was in her 70s; her last ultra was the now-defunct Jim Skophammer 12-hr at age 72. She was very active in USATF and has a race named in her honor in San Francisco.

Ruth was a chemist by training, worked much of her career at Lawrence Livermore Labs. She is survived by a daughter in Ontario, Oregon.

She was a kind and enthusiastic person and an inspiration to many of us. Her spirit was something to behold, nothing ever even remotely intimidated her. She touched many lives deeply, and will be missed.

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