Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Mar 10

Looks like NIKE is trying to set up a WR attempt in the track 100. Or something? Is anyone running this?

I’m sitting in my front room typing this news post with a nice warm cup of coffee. Meanwhile, a couple dozen of our fellow runners are in Alaska in freezing temps with hundreds of miles to go until the finish line. Live Iditarod tracking here. What a crazy sport.

Canadian Running: What an absolute bullsh*t and deliberately misrepresented headline. No, nothing is stopping transgender athletes from competing in HS sports. (Bill language here.) The bill seeks to protect girls from an unfair playing field and uses sex designations over gender identity for competition. This makes perfect sense to most people. Trans students can still play whichever sports they choose, so long as they compete against students of the same biological sex.
We need to stop obfuscating a very important issue in an attempt to win favor from a tiny percentage of people. #savewomenssports

Coincidentally, also from Canadian Running this week: Why sports medicine needs more female researchers. Because, in their words, mens and women’s bodies are drastically different and the sporting world has been slow to study the effects of estrogen, fat oxidization, menstrual cycles and other physiological issues unique to women. So…which is it?

Remember those two runners who were rescued from the Scottish Highlands a few days ago? Well, turns out that when they were being helped, their Border Collie ran off and didn’t come back. SAR folks returned the next day with a tried and true method of bringing the pooch to safety.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout…Athlete engagement, Aliphine Tuliamuk, Dylan Bowman, and more.
Hot takes:

  • I agree with his tips and analysis on how to connect athletes with fans and media. Get out there and have personal interactions with people, go on shakeout runs, do more podcasts and meet and greets.
  • Agreed with that Tyson/Leonard interview. Beware though Mario, the last time I mentioned how fascinating the Tyson/Rogan interview was, I was attacked for supporting a rapist. Ugh.
  • Dylan’s six lessons were so on point. He’s been through a ton and his perspective means a lot to those of us who’ve dealt with major injuries.
  • And of course, tying is lame.

Looking for trail work days on the Western States Trail? Options.

One opinion on what you should eat on race day.

Marathon des Sables postponed due to Corona virus.

Short news day. Gotta run.

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